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SR100,000 Competition For Saudi Coffee Has Been Announced

The new competition aims to shine light on coffee-making techniques while also motivating professionals.

Cairo: As part of its attempts to promote Saudi coffee, a beloved national drink, Saudi Arabia has announced a new competition with cash awards totaling SR100,000.

The "Pathway of Coffee Cups" competition, announced by the Ministry of Culture, aims to showcase ways of creating Saudi coffee, develop associated efficiency, and solidify the coffee-making profession. The competition was announced as part of the ongoing Saudi Coffee Festival in Riyadh, Jeddah, and Dhahran, according to the Saudi news agency SPA.

Saudi Coffee

The tournament is aimed for Saudi coffee producers and other industry experts who are interested in learning more about the kingdom's history and cultural heritage, as well as diverse segments of society, according to the announcement. The tournament will conclude in the city of Jazan in south-western Saudi Arabia, where three champions will be chosen. The top reward is SR60,000, and his or her coffee formula will be used at select coffee shops.

The second and third place winners will get SR30,000 and SR10,000, respectively. The competition is part of the "Year of Saudi Coffee," which is being held this year as part of the Quality of Life Programme in accordance with the Saudi Vision 2030, an ambitious development plan.

The "Year of Saudi Coffee" is a nationwide celebration of Saudi coffee that includes a variety of activities and contests. The Ministry of Culture rebranded Arabic coffee to Saudi coffee in all restaurants and coffee shops across the country in February. As part of the "Year of Saudi Coffee" activities, Saudi Arabia sponsored a unique competition last month requesting musicians to write songs merging sounds of musical instruments with those of preparing Saudi coffee.


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