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Different Coffee Drinks Compared

Not all coffee is brewed in the same way.

Depending on your customers' preferences, additional toppings can be added to each coffee type. The following are just a few coffee drink definitions and cup pairings to consider for your coffee shop menu. It is important to note that drink ratios may differ from one coffee shop to the next.

The espresso, also known as a short black, contains about 1 oz. of highly concentrated coffee. Although it appears simple, it can be difficult to master. 1 espresso shot per 2-4 oz. espresso cup.

A double espresso is also known as a doppio, which is the Italian word for "double." This drink is extremely concentrated and potent. Two shots of espresso. Cup: 3-4 oz. Cup for demitasse.

The purpose of the red eye is to add a caffeine boost to your standard cup of coffee. 1 shot espresso + 6 ounces drip-brewed coffee Cup: 8 oz. Mug for coffee.

The black eye is simply a doubled-up red eye with a high caffeine content. 2 shots espresso + 6 ounces drip-brewed coffee Cup: 8-10 oz. Mug for coffee.

Americanos are popular breakfast beverages that are thought to have originated during WWII. Soldiers would dilute their coffee with water to stretch their rations further. The water dilutes the espresso while keeping the caffeine level high. 1 shot of espresso + 3 oz. of hot water. Glass Coffee Mug, 5-6 oz.

The long black is a coffee drink that is similar to the americano, but it originated in New Zealand and Australia. It typically contains more crema than an americano. 2 shots of espresso + 3 oz. of hot water. Glass Coffee Mug, 6-8 oz.

The term macchiato refers to a mark or stain. This refers to the mark left on the surface of the espresso by steamed milk as it is dashed into the drink. Flavoring syrups are frequently added to the drink based on customer preference. 1 shot espresso plus 1 to 2 teaspoons steamed milk Cup: 3 oz. Espresso cup made of glass.

The long macchiato is a taller version of the standard macchiato and can usually be distinguished by its distinct layers of coffee and steamed milk. 2 shots espresso plus 2 to 4 teaspoons steamed milk. Cup: 5 oz. Glass Rocks

The cortado goes beyond the macchiato by evenly balancing the espresso with warm milk to reduce acidity. 1 shot espresso + 1 oz of warm milk + 1 cm of foam Cup: 5 oz. Glass Rocks..

The breve adds steamed half-and-half to create a rich and creamy texture to the traditional espresso. 1 shot espresso + 3 ounces steamed half-and-half + 1 cm foam. Cup: 5-7 oz. Cup that is low.

This creamy coffee drink is commonly consumed at breakfast time in Italy and is also popular in the United States. Because of its thick foam layer and the additional flavourings that can be added to it, it is usually associated with indulgence and comfort. 1-2 espresso shots + 2 oz. steamed milk + 2 oz. foamed milk + sprinkling of chocolate powder (optional). Cappuccino Mug: 6-8 oz.

A flat white, which is similar to a cappuccino but lacks the foam layer and chocolate powder, is also from New Zealand and Australia. Steamed milk from the bottom of the jug, rather than the top, is used to keep the drink creamy rather than frothy. 1 shot of espresso + 4 oz. of steamed milk. Cup: 6 oz. Tumbler made of glass.

Cafe lattes are considered an introductory coffee drink because the amount of milk in the beverage reduces the acidity and bitterness of the coffee. Flavoring syrups are frequently added to latte for those who prefer sweeter drinks. 1 shot espresso + 8-10 ounces steamed milk + 1 cm foam Cup: 14 oz. Glass for Mixing..

The mocha is a coffee-and-hot-chocolate hybrid. The chocolate powder or syrup adds a rich and creamy flavour while also reducing the acidity of the espresso. 1 espresso shot + 1-2 oz. chocolate syrup/powder + 1-3 oz. steamed milk + 2-3 cm foam or whipped cream. Cup: 6-8 oz. Mug for Irish Coffee.

There are several Vienna variations, but one of the most common uses two ingredients: espresso and whipped cream. To provide a creamy texture, whipped cream replaces milk and sugar. 1 to 2 shots espresso + 2 oz. whipped cream. 4-5 oz. espresso cup Mug.

Affogatos are more of a dessert coffee than a cafe drink, but they can add a fun twist to your coffee menu. To make a sweet after-meal treat, pour a shot of espresso over a scoop of vanilla ice cream. 1 scoop vanilla ice cream + 1-2 shots of espresso Cup: 5-7 oz. Dessert Course.

The cortado goes beyond the macchiato by evenly balancing the espresso with warm milk to reduce acidity. 1 shot espresso + 1 oz of warm milk + 1 cm of foam Cup: 5 oz. Glass Rocks..

To bring out the different flavours in the coffee, the cafe au lait is typically made with French press coffee rather than an espresso shot. It is then poured in a 50/50 ratio with scalded milk instead of steamed milk. 5 ounces French press coffee + 5 ounces scalded milk. Coffee Mug: 12 oz.

Iced coffees are very popular in the United States during the summer. The recipes vary slightly, with some locations substituting milk for water in the recipe. Depending on the customer's preferences, different flavouring syrups are frequently added. 2 oz. drip coffee or espresso + 4 oz. ice + 4-6 oz. milk or water + to taste flavouring syrup. 14 oz. cup Mixing Glass.