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Evolving Coffee Brewing Culture In India

Here's how coffee became a lifestyle beverage in India, a primarily tea-drinking country.

India is majorly considered as a tea-drinking nation, with filter ‘Kaapi’ mostly consumed in the southern parts of the country. With time, coffee became a part of our lifestyle. People started counting on coffee farmers, beans and roasters, not just the high-end luxury coffee shops. This came when people started showing interest in the flavour profiles of each bean a region or processing method produces. To understand this evolution, details about the coffee market, the per capita consumption of coffee, and more, we got in touch with Nishant Sinha, founder of Roastery Coffee House. Here’s what he has to say:

India's coffee culture is currently experiencing a transformation. More coffee is being consumed and brewed than ever before. Indians have a genuine curiosity, interest, and eagerness to drink, brew, understand, and learn more about Indian coffee. The biggest shift has been the shift away from instant coffee and toward specialty coffee. It is not a passing fad, but rather a permanent lifestyle change.

More people want to drink decent coffee and are willing to travel the additional mile for it. In this example, going the "extra mile" entails investing in speciality coffee, purchasing home brewing equipment, and devoting a little more time each day to making specialty coffee at home. Specialty coffee is the highest-quality coffee available. It is single-estate coffee cultivated in tiny amounts under the supervision and care of experts.

Small amounts of specialty coffee are cultivated at the optimal height, at the optimal time, and on high-quality soil. Coffee is constantly under skilled monitoring and care at all phases, from cultivation to processing. The beans are then expertly roasted with the utmost care and attention. These freshly roasted beans are then brewed to create great coffee with distinct flavour characteristics.

Specialty coffee is tasty coffee. Store-bought instant coffee is stale and lacking complexity in flavour, depth, and freshness. Because of the care and attention that goes into planting, roasting, and brewing specialty coffee, it tastes excellent. Coffee is not dangerous. It offers several health advantages, including being anti-inflammatory and antioxidant, as well as improving heart and brain function. Anything in excess, however, may be hazardous, and coffee is no exception.

Tea has long been popular in India. Except in southern India, where filter coffee is a popular beverage, coffee has always been instant. When Indian youth began to travel and explore the world in the 2000s, they were introduced to wonderful coffee in the west, but more significantly, they discovered a coffee culture that did not exist in India at all. Exposure to American films and comedy has helped to Indian youth's desire for a coffee and cafe culture.

There was a growing demand, and gradually, brands emerged to meet the demand for high-quality coffee, a variety of brews, and an active cafe culture. More coffee is being brewed and consumed in India than ever before. Surprisingly, good Indian coffee is in high demand. In fact, demand is so high that Indian farmers are more likely to sell their produce to Indian brands rather than exporting, as they have done in the past.

Farmers are paid a premium, if not a fair price, by young Indian specialty brands like ours. This encourages farmers to grow higher-quality crops. -A greater awareness of coffee and its varieties among the younger generation Coffee is becoming increasingly popular among students and working professionals in India's cities and towns.

The epidemic benefited the Indian coffee business. The youth were already frequenting cafés for specialised coffee. When the cafes were closed during the lockdown, there was a demand for cafe items such as coffee, so they began learning about home brewing. In fact, once someone embarks on the home brewing journey, there is no turning back. Since then, the community of homebrewers has grown. -New-age Indian entrepreneurs -Indian market and product development for artisanal coffee The promise of Indian coffee was recognised by new coffee businesses. Indian coffee is regarded as one of the world's best shade-grown coffees. Furthermore, monsoons greatly add to its unique flavour character. Coffee aficionados all across the world are interested in Indian coffee.