A Luxurious Coffee Experience With xBloom Coffee Machines

26 OCT 2022

Think of your Nespresso pod and imagine if it were just a thousand times better. I’m talking whole beans, ground and brewed on the spot, with an automated procedure occurring all within the same machine. What the xBloom does isn’t completely different from any average coffee machine, however, the method it employs and the underlying technology it uses is simply remarkable.

A Tesla isn’t different from other cars – they both transport you from A to B… but one of them is just much more visually, technically, and emotionally sophisticated. That’s why we’re calling the xBloom the Tesla of coffee machines. Designers: Richard Xu, Rui Zhou & Yuan Hong

The xBloom is an all-in-one coffee machine designed to sit elegantly on your countertop. It handles grinding, brewing, and dispensing all in one device. It does so in an almost entirely automated and expertly tuned manner, so you really don't have to do anything once the machine takes over.

Pour the beans in, sit back, and watch your coffee be made as if by a robot barista. Its overall design is also stunning, with simple geometric forms that separate the coffee machine's functions and a metallic finish that feels luxuriously pristine.

Instead of tiny metallic pods filled with pre-ground, pre-flavored coffee powder, each xBloom comes with actual coffee beans inside, measured out for a single serving. Expert roasters curate the pods, which include special coffee types from around the world, bringing the entire world of coffee to your kitchen countertop. How are these pods brewed? That's probably my favourite part!

It's not often that kitchen appliances and RFID tags cross paths, but the xBloom does. Each pod contains coffee beans, but on the underside of each pod is an RFID tag that allows the xBloom to recognise the sort of coffee.