After A 50 Year Hiatus, Syria Begins Purchasing Tea From India

31 OCT 2022

In the lack of supply from Sri Lanka, Indian dealers indicated that nations such as Iraq and Turkey are now purchasing large quantities of orthodox teas from India, according to ET.

"In the absence of Sri Lanka, a key orthodox player, Syria has been purchasing tea from India." Tea is being sent to the country via Beirut, while payment is being made via other countries.

Syria has a high demand for orthodox tea, according to Anish Bhansali, managing partner of tea exporting business Bhansali & Co. Orthodox tea is loose-leaf tea made using conventional or orthodox procedures such as plucking, withering, rolling, oxidation, and drying.

CTC tea, the second principal kind, is processed using the crush, tear, and curl method and accounts for the majority of India's tea exports. Sri Lanka, India's neighbour, controls the lion's share, accounting for half of the global trade in orthodox teas.

Due to political turbulence in the country, Sri Lanka's absence from the market has aided India's entry into traditional tea-consuming nations.