How To Make Cinnamon Green Tea For Blood Sugar Control

18 OCT 2022

Almost Tea collaborates with a small-batch chocolatier, baker, or confectioner in the United States each month to create a new selection of never-before-seen tea blends. Almost Tea collaborates with the original dessert producer to create a unique blend that has been evaluated and authorised to taste exactly like the dessert inspiration.

Brown Butter Bourbon Blitz, Cinnamon Toast Munch, Chai Caramel Latte, Spiked Apple Cider, Double Chocolate Chunk, and Raspberry Caramel Fudge are among the teas created in collaboration with Brownie Points in Columbus, Ohio. This initial package has two black teas, two rooibos teas, one honeybush tea, and one pu'erh tea, all of which are calorie-free, gluten-free, and include no added sugar or artificial sweeteners.

Beginning in January 2023, Almost Tea will release a new batch of six teas every month in collaboration with a different small-batch dessert producer in the United States. The overall purpose of Almost Tea is to create tea that is as enjoyable to drink as a delicious dessert. "We focus on collaborating with bakers, chocolatiers, ice cream shops, and donut manufacturers that are open to innovation and are entrepreneurs themselves," said Monique Zauner, co-founder of Almost Tea.

What type of consumer feedback has Almost Tea received? "There's been a lot of positive comments on the sweetness," Zauner added. "I believe that because all of the teas are influenced by desserts, consumers anticipate them to be sweet."