Halloween 2022: These Tasty Coffee-Based Dishes Add A Macabre Touch

29 OCT 2022

Halloween is a celebration celebrated each year on October 31, particularly in Western nations, to mark the eve of the Christian feast of All Hallows' Day (Feast of All Saints), which honours all the church's saints.

Halloween is all about trick-or-treating, terrifying décor, elaborate costumes, and an overall creepy atmosphere. The occasion would be incomplete without frightening and elaborately adorned recipes.

This is the defining quality of nearly all Halloween recipes: a delectable feast for the tongue and a visual assault with diverse unpleasant shapes and decorations.

Prepare a frightening bug-full of food for the wicked spirits that lurk around your house, or give gory red cranberry juice to your guests. If you enjoy coffee, add a coffee touch to your Halloween meals with these delectable recipes from Abdul Sahid Khan, Head Trainer, Lavazza India.

The most famous Halloween dishes that you should try creating at home this year. It's a wonderful, delightful, and extremely simple meal that can also be made vegan. 30ml espresso or Moka pot coffee, 200 mL milk, 3 tablespoons pumpkin purée, 15 mL honey, The spice nutmeg (pinch of), 1 stick cinnamon, Whipping cream.

Boil milk, honey, pumpkin purée, cinnamon stick, and nutmeg in a saucepan over medium heat. When the milk begins to boil, take it from the heat and discard the cinnamon stick.