South African Woman Breaks World Record By Making 249 Cups Of Tea In One Hour

18 OCT 2022

According to Guinness Global Records, South African citizen Ingar Valentyn has established the world record for preparing the most cups of tea in one hour.

Ms Valentyn brewed 249 cups of rooibos tea, a red herbal tea prepared from the leaves of the South African Aspalathus linearis bush. To accomplish the accomplishment, at least 150 cups of tea have to be prepared in an hour. 

She utilised three rooibos flavours: original, vanilla, and strawberry.

Ms Valentyn worked with a specific plan in mind. She used four tea bags in each teapot, making four cups of tea, according to Guinness World Records. Each tea bag had to be steeped for at least two minutes to qualify as good rooibos tea.

She swiftly moved on to the next batch after pouring the first three teapots and adding the teabags. Guinness World Records also made certain that their no-waste guideline was followed during her effort. A throng of tea drinkers, including local students and community people, had gathered to sip the tea.

Ms Valentyn was certain she had broken the record within an hour. She told Guinness World Records, "I guess I've done 170." She had, however, exceeded her own projection after it was found that she had produced 249 cups of tea in all - more than four every minute.