Through Data, DiFluid Brings A New Wave Of Coffee

21 OCT 2022

Microbalance, a precision smart coffee scale, and DiFluid Café, the software that connects everything, which was just released on the DiFluid Official Website. Their Brew Control System assists you in reliably brewing a high-quality cup of coffee that meets your tastes.

Whether you prepare your coffee using a drip machine, a pour-over vessel, or a pitcher for cold brew, one thing is certain: brewing it effectively is a sought talent, and brewing it poorly may result in some really unpleasant flavours. Home brewers frequently struggle to achieve the ideal cup of coffee.

There are so many factors that can vary the flavour outcome - the type of bean, the temperature of the water, the time of brew - resulting in an experience that can't compare to the constant excellence of a barista's cup.

Even a competent barista might struggle with consistency. What does the system include? R2 Extract is a professional-grade refractometer that detects and reports how much coffee has been dissolved in water. Microbalance is a precision smart scale that records and transmits data to an app. DiFluid Café is a collaborative community that brings together coffee lovers, techniques, and recipes: ones that are tailored to your specific taste preferences and use your specific beans.

While the first version of the app is intended to be a supplement to the smart tools, future versions will allow you to sign in to your own account and search for recipes that fit your beans and brewing preferences. Do you drink Stumptown coffee and like the pour-over method? There's a way to do it.

Did you make any changes? You'll be able to easily share it with the Café community, receive feedback, and track other users' results. DiFluid Café uses Microbalance data to determine how well your coffee was brewed and whether you followed the recipe exactly. Not the best outcome? Learn what needs to be changed to achieve the desired flavor.