To Make The Perfect Brew, This Smart Tea Pot Can Read Your Mood

24 OCT 2022

Many individuals rely on coffee to get through the day, while many others choose a variety of teas to get their caffeine fix. Various tea leaves, like diverse coffee beans, have varied personalities; that is, they have different brewing needs such as time and temperature.

To make matters more complicated, tea may provide you with diverse experiences based on when you take it or your mood at the time. Considering these many elements might make making tea appear nearly hard for normal mortals. Thankfully, that paradox is no longer a problem thanks to this linked tea kettle that looks as nice as the beverages it produces. Hiroaki Nishimura is the designer.

Click Here to Buy Now: $254 $299 (15% off at checkout). Hurry, sitewide Pre-Black Friday sale ends Nov 23rd. Tea brewing has been practised for generations, but like coffee, it has been commercialised and diluted into cheap teabags. Even without considering the ceremonies, making tea is a precise craft that changes according to the type of tea leaves used.

Some require more steeping time at lower temperatures, whilst others work better at high temperatures and for a short amount of time. That's not a big deal if you stick to one type, but tea enthusiasts who desire and enjoy diversity will have to keep those distinct criteria in mind.

Fortunately, we can now rely on technology to remove the tedium from what should be a soothing and pleasant activity. Rather than having to remember the varied conditions for different leaves, the Teplo linked tea kettle does it for you.

With a single tap on the smartphone app, you can precisely set the time and temperature for the tea leaves you place inside the infuser. This astute tea brewer, on the other hand, can adjust those brewing factors to match your mood, the time of day, or the surrounding conditions.